ReuseConex 2016 Speaker Presentations

Monday, October 17th

Keynote: Taking the Long View – The Evolution of Staples’ Waste Reduction Strategy

Mark Buckley

Breakout: Building Resources – Deconstruction & Building Materials Salvage

Matthew St. Onge

Dave Bennink

Diane Cohen

Lunch & Keynote: Inspiring Change through Reuse Partnerships

Terry McDonald

Breakout: Fostering a Make, Share and Repair Community

Madalyn Cioci

Ray Pfau

Breakout: Universities – Graduating to Zero Waste

Rob Gogan

Jenny Isler

Steve Deitz

Plenary: Big Thinkers – Innovation that Expands Markets

Jeff Lindenthal

Mark Lennon

Ann Woodward

Damon Carson


Tuesday, October 18th

Keynote: Durables РChallenging Designed Obsolescence

Tara Button

Plenary: Metrics, Framing and Policy Drivers That Support Reuse

Simon Love

Julie Newman

Gary Liss

Plenary: Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Reuse

Shaun Newell

Donna Baldwin

Justin Green

Christine Mosholder

Lunch & Keynote: How Reuse is Disrupting the Status Quo

Andy Keller

Breakout: Innovations in Food Rescue

Sasha Purpura

Bryn Oakleaf

Kasey Harris

Mica Seely

Breakout: Worn or Torn, Donate it All: The Real Story About Textile Recovery

Paul Curry

Patricia McCully

Plenary: To Reuse, and Beyond!

Dylan de Thomas