1-Why Attend

Here’s Why YOU Should Join us!

We know coming to ReuseConex is a big commitment of time, effort, money; but the experience and expertise you’ll gain at ReuseConex is truly one-of-a-kind. To meet your personal and professional sustainability goals we believe it’s important for you to attend, and here’s why.

  • ReuseConex is UNIQUE! It is a one-of-a-kind event that is laser focused on waste reduction through reuse.
  • ReuseConex is a GREAT VALUE! For less than $200, you are getting return on your investment.
  • ReuseConex is EXCITING! We consistently delivers a professional, jam-packed and exciting agenda that features:
    • Powerful keynotes, expert panelists and inspiring sessions
    • A variety of reuse-related exhibitors
    • Informative tours of the local reuse community
    • Exciting special events such as a Gleaned Meal,  Film Screenings, and much more.

STILL HAVE DOUBTS? Here’s a “just-between-us” take on how to deal with that internal monologue running through your mind and might be preventing you registering:

  • I know ReuseConex would be good for my business, but I just don’t have the money to go. You can’t afford not to attend! Remember, education is a legitimate business deduction. We have even heard of folks doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to come, and were thankful they did.
  • I’m from a local, state or federal agency – isn’t ReuseConex just for industry folks? Our content is multi-faceted, inclusive and replicable. We are sure you will be able to bring a host of great ideas back to your organization to implement in your community!
  • We’re from a small town. All the other reuse center are from big cities. Their businesses are too different from ours. Our problems are unique. There is such a range of types and sizes of reuse operations among attendees that you’re sure to meet others with similar concerns. You might be surprised to find out many of your problems are shared by others. And you’ll find someone’s unique solutions can work for you! Workshop presenters offer a variety of ideas. Coming from a small village, you might feel a bit like you’re the only one with certain concerns.  ReuseConex help will show you all the things you are doing right as well as all the ways you can improve your business.
  • I know I’d get a lot out of ReuseConex, but I work alone. Even if you don’t have a board member, relative or friend who can keep your reuse operation open while you’re at ReuseConex, think about closing it for a the few days. Just remember not to post a “closed” sign on your shop door for those four days! (Try “At a Training Event, or if you think your shoppers are savvy why not “At ReuseConex, THE International Reuse Conference”)
  • I’ve been running my reuse operation for years. There’s nothing new to learn. Could your business benefit from a fresh outlook? ReuseConex will put the twinkle back in your eye, the bounce back in your step, and the zest back into your customers! Find out about new aspects of the reuse world that you and your customers live in. Discover news that can make you money while delighting your clientele. Bring back unique promotions that only you can offer, ways to improve the appeal of your operation, and resources that will lead to more profit and less drudgery.
  • My shop is doing well and  I don’t have the time to spend away from it. Sounds like you might be interested in utilizing better time management/efficiency? Are you as effective as you can be? How about your training and delegation skills? Perhaps you’ll learn how to make some time for yourself and your family while continuing your brisk growth. The best business is one you can leave for some time to educate and refresh yourself. Time spent learning how to do it all and do it well is worth much more than the few days you’ll spend away from your store.
  • I haven’t been in business very long. I won’t know what anyone is talking about. The one-on-one opportunities at ReuseConex are perfect for you! Not only will you be able to ask questions at all workshops, but you can just walk up to any attendee and start a conversation. The reuse community is notoriously friendly and helpful to one another. No question is too basic when you ask an enthusiastic fellow conference attendee. You will learn more than you ever dreamed about. As a reuse novice, the wealth of knowledge ReuseConex will help steer you away from mistakes that might otherwise limit your growth. And think how much that will mean over the years!
  • And finally ….. I’m shy! I won’t know anyone. There isn’t an easier group to become a part of – than the reuse community. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be at ease and having fun. Imagine: hundreds of other people who share your passion for reuse: some with more experience, some with less, but all with scads of enthusiasm for sharing. You’ll be too busy and happy to remember to be shy!