5-Review the Agenda

Join us at ReuseConex 2018, the 5th Int’l Reuse Conference & Expo!

Learning more about ReuseConex is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (plus 4). See below for a snapshot. Full conference schedule coming soon!

ReuseConex2012-101 crop

Check out our Schedule at a Glance here!

More details Coming Soon!

  1. Conference Agenda (Sessions on Thurs, Oct 18th & Fri, Oct 19th)
  2. Reuse Exhibitors (Exhibits on Thurs, Oct 18th & Fri, Oct 19th)
  3. Optional Special Event: Zero Waste Training Workshop hosted by Zero Waste USA (Wed, Oct 17th)
  4. Otional Special Event: Reuse Community Tour (Sat, Oct 20th)